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Beacon Park

About This Project

I: Introduction

Every Detroit based company wants to promote progress within the city. DTE chairman, Gerry Anderson, decided it was time for the power company to make its next contribution. A 1.5 acre public park, owned by a private company, became one of the newest additions to downtown Detroit.

C: Challenge

So where does ICONIC come in? DTE wanted to provide a dynamic space for the community. The company’s vision included green space, gathering places, art installations and a restaurant. Due to ICONIC’s active participation in the restaurant industry, the team was asked to consult and find the perfect eatery for the park.

O: Outlook

ICONIC put together a list of over 250 restaurant owners and operators with more than three locations in the Midwest. In weekly meetings, the ICONIC team lead the charge in vetting and narrowing down candidates for the restaurant space. The team wanted to find more than a tenant for the electrical company’s new park; they wanted to find a partner who was just as invested in Detroit as they were.

N: Nuances

The ICONIC team knew that not just any restaurant would do. The team carried out extensive research into the financial stability, operational acumen and longevity of the contenders on the list. In the process of finding a partner with a proven track record and a passion for the project, ICONIC worked very closely with DTE’s marketing team to align the campaign with its established corporate image.

I: Insight

With both ICONIC’s and DTE’s in-depth knowledge of Detroit, they knew that the ideal candidate would embody and understand what the city stands for and represents. Through market knowledge, relationships with restaurant operators in the metro area, tireless work and an abundance of meetings, the ICONIC team found a handful of strong contenders.

C: Conclusion

Through the vetting process and research of potential candidates, DTE and the ICONIC team found the perfect partner in Norm, Bonnie and Scott LePage. The family is best known for their restaurants Big Rock Chophouse and Griffin Claw Brewing Company, both located in Birmingham, MI. The LePage’s have been serving quality food in Metro Detroit for over forty years and are excited to start investing in Downtown Detroit.





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