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About This Project

I: Introduction

Fitness studios and gyms are fast paced businesses. Constantly growing and moving, the opportunities are endless. Cyclebar, created in 2004 by Bill Pryor and Alex Klemmer, is no exception. The first studio opened in Boston, MA in 2005 and has grown non-stop ever since.

C: Challenge

With the business as fast paced as the cycle classes themselves, the fitness studio was expanding rapidly into new cities and regions of the US. Cyclebar, now a franchise, is in constant need of studio locations as the franchisees are graduated from the application process. The ICONIC team is continuously tasked with pairing franchisees with optimal studio locations in Michigan.

O: Outlook

The franchise process is not always planned very far in advance and with opportunities in the fitness industry constantly popping up, ICONIC needs to constantly be aware of any locations and markets where Cyclebar could excel. Therefore, the ICONIC team is consistently keeping up to date with Metro-Detroit real estate statuses and opportunities.

N: Nuances

Cyclebar must be strategic in placing their studio locations in areas with the appropriate markets. By analyzing the surrounding businesses, researching the closest target markets and their established knowledge of Metro-Detroit allows the ICONIC team to place a Cyclebar studio in a location with a built in clientele.

I: Insight

ICONIC is ahead of the curve; the team knows of available spaces whenever the need surfaces. By maintaining strong and personal relationships with landlords, they are able to place Cyclebar studios efficiently. The team’s constant networking and negotiation skills are unrivaled, allowing them to find the ideal locations and best opportunities for Cyclebar.

C: Conclusion

This challenge is ongoing.




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