Capabilities & Services - ICONIC
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Let us help make your next development, location, acquisition or project ICONIC

ICONIC Leasing

At the core of any commercial real estate firm are its Leasing services, and ICONIC is no different. What differentiates us from everyone else is our commitment to integrity. ICONIC’S number one priority is to put the needs of the client first and to operate at the highest level in all facets of our business. We understand the importance of maximizing a property’s full financial potential whether you are a business looking for office space or in the business of owning a property. We create value for the entire transaction base, which allows ICONIC to work on ICONIC deals for all types of investors and operators keeping true to our passion, Real Estate.

ICONIC Tenant Representation

The ICONIC team are at the pinnacle of the Tenant representation business. Finding, securing and negotiating deals like Parc Restaurant at Campus Martius, are the hallmark of our trade. Our agents are in tune with their client’s needs, aspirations and goals, perpetually looking for the next ICONIC opportunity for your business.

ICONIC Landlord Representation

We know how to think like owners at ICONIC. We understand and continue to evolve the complex strategies around your most valued assets. We know what it takes to drive the highest rents and target the best users for each project, we assist in your underwriting and bring a trained set of eyes to each project we touch. Our process is extremely well documented and shared on a consistent, near live platform, so you the owner, always know how we are working your property.

ICONIC Acquisition

The team at ICONIC are deeply invested in knowing more than anyone else in the market place, we hear about deals first, period. This allows us to bring you buildings and target properties like no one else in the industry. We are constantly updating our records, having conversations with all of the property owners in all of our markets, and when we don’t know all the owners, we find out and introduce our selves. We’ve learned how to make the deals happen from the inside out and we pass that expertise and commitment on to our clients in the search for their next ICONIC Acquisition.

ICONIC Disposition

Every property is different as is every owner.  At ICONIC we pride ourselves in our network and our access to information inside and outside of the Commercial Real Estate realm.  When you decide to liquidate, upgrade or otherwise we always have buyers looking for property like yours. We know that time, pricing and discretion are of the utmost importance and will operate accordingly to garner you only the best results from your disposition.

ICONIC Consulting

Providing municipalities, large corporations, retailers, business owners and landlords with support and insight ICONIC has aided in a consulting capacity building vibrant public works projects, creating growth strategies for nacent and established retailers, executing portfolio goals across all asset classes. Allow us an opportunity to sit with you and show you how we can fortify your real estate strategy, or help you create an ICONIC one.