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Get To Know Kees Janeway

Get To Know Kees Janeway

Full Name: Kees Janeway

Where did you grow up?

New York City/Connecticut.

How did you end up moving to Detroit?

We moved for my father’s job when I was younger and I ended up returning downtown after college. I moved into a loft above what is now John Varvatos on Woodward, that is where I truly fell in love with the City.

Tell us about your life outside the office.

 I have been married for almost 3 years to my amazing wife Reena (my most valuable asset). She teaches and pushes me everyday to be a better husband, father, philanthropist and businessman and so much more. She raises our twin 20 month old daughters Sofie and Brooke while carrying our third child due in August 2017.

What awards or positions did younger Kees boast?

In high school I was actually voted “Class Dad,” and I won the Quill and Scroll award, a recognition in journalism for High School students.

List three things that make you happy.

The Wilderness, passionate people and my family.

Do you have any pre-work/morning rituals?

I try to do a 3- 4 mile walk and listen to a podcast. I like to have a doppio espresso while I use Flipboard to read the news and organize my top 3 things I need to accomplish each day. My weekends are similar too, but I try to help out around the house a lot more.

Do you have any words you try to live by?

I try to live to honor my word. If I say I am going to do something, I make every effort and commit to getting it done.  

How you take your coffee?

Espresso or macchiato, plain and simple.

What is your go-to drink at the bar?

I love an incredible glass of wine

Finally, what is one piece of advice you have for a future ICONIC client?

Give us what we need to do our job, and let us show you why you want us on your team and let us earn your trust.