My primary mission at ICSC New York City.
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The Big Apple and ICSC New York City

The Big Apple and ICSC New York City

The Big Apple and ICSC New York City

Last week I descended on the Big Apple for the annual New York City ICSC Deal making event.  I had a couple of missions I had set out to accomplish while there.  

My primary mission was on behalf of one of our latest client seeking locations for their North American expansion. An indoor skydiving group based in Europe, TunnelTech/Flystation, holds a significant advantage over the competition, sound.  These facilities are no louder than your average hairdryer, hard to believe you can produce wind speeds in excess of 220 MPH and still have a conversation while watching your friends soar next door!! 

I visited the all of the usual suspects in the REIT world, Westfield, PREIT, Simon,  and Tripple5 were all on the bucket list.  

The beauty of the NYC ICSC convention vs other large industry shows, is how compact and efficient it can be, I was able to  hold nearly 20 impactful meetings in what amounts to about 15 hours plus a short flight and still offering up time in Manhattan to do a bit of site seeing.

The Javits center being in close proximity to the largest private real estate development in the country, Hudson Yards, is  a worthy few, albeit cold, blocks down 12thAve. 

Mission 2:  Discover what people in NYC think or know about Detroit, if anything?   The resounding answer: THEY ARE VERY INTERESTED.  Many are already involved or connected in some way or another.  A friend of mine set up a dinner with several people who all touch real estate in various capacities:  Attorney’s, Capital Market investors, Luxury Manhattan Developers they were all ears to what we have going on here in Detroit, further they were all intent on planning visits here in the new year, to find more ways to invest and get involved.

With the new year just around the corner, I look forward to looking back on how far we have taken ICONIC these last 18 months and to how much we have poised for 2019!

Thank you for reading, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the topic, so please comment, email or call!

Kees Janeway – Managing Partner, ICONIC Real Estate